Information Sheets on the Qualification Examination

Many of the questions on a qualification examination take the form of a problem statement for which a choice of answers is given (multiple choice). If applicable, in some trades, a reference document (for example, a code) is supplied to you during the exam session.

There is an information sheet for each exam. These sheets list elements of skills that may be covered in exam questions and indicate which materials are supplied at the exam (for example, a code).

Consult the information sheet for the exam that you will be taking.
Cement Finisher
Crane operator
Erector Mechanic (Glazier)
Flooring-Layer-Sander (Carpenter-Joiner)
Heating System Installer (Pipe Fitter) Insulator Ironworker Operator of Concrete Pumps equipped with a Distribution Mast (Crane Operator) Plasterer Refrigeration Mechanic  Resilient Flooring Layer Roofer Security System Installer Shovel Operator Tile setter