Operator of Concrete Pumps equipped with a Distribution Mast Examination

The examination is 3 hours long. It contains 51 questions and each question is worth 1 point. The required passing grade is 60%. The materials for your use during the examination are provided to you. They are: a pencil, a paper sheet, a calculator, a ruler and an eraser. No other material or reference document is allowed during the examination.

Skill content on which questions may be based

Section 1 – Work organization (26%)

  • Planning the work:
    • Interpreting the work order
    • Preparing the equipment
    • Determining the route
  • Driving the pump truck:
    • Specifying the pump truck’s equipment
    • The Highway Safety Code
    • Standards and regulations for driving on a construction site
  • Evaluating the work environment:
    • Configuring the workplace
    • Identifying hazards and obstacles
    • Determining the pump truck’s location
    • Responsibilities of various persons on the construction site
  • Communications:
    • Logbook
    • Defect sheet
    • Work order
    • Communication with various persons on the construction site
    • Concrete distribution signs

Section 2 – Equipment and accessories (18%)

  • Inspecting the equipment and accessories:
    • Pre-start inspection of the vehicle
    • Inspection of the concrete pump
    • Inspection of accessories
  • Installing the equipment:
    • Positioning the equipment
    • Evaluating the work area
    • Securing the work area
    • Stabilizing the pump truck
    • Preparing the distribution line
    • Installing accessories on the distribution line
  • Storing the equipment and accessories:
    • Washing the pump
    • Cleaning accessories and hardware
    • Storing accessories

Section 3 – Concrete distribution (56%)

  • Concrete distribution:
    • Priming the pumping system
    • Lubricating the distribution line
    • Adjusting the pump flow
    • Pumping concrete
    • Handling the distribution mast
    • Moving the distribution line
    • Procedure for unblocking the distribution line
  • Clearing the construction site:
    • Bleeding the distribution line
    • Disassembling the distribution line
    • Destabilizing the pump
    • Pumping system maintenance
    • Preparing the pump truck for the road

Samples of questions for provincial qualification examination.

Suggested documentation

The suggested documents are an important tool to help you prepare for the examination. However, your best asset to write the exam successfully are the quality and diversity of the skills you have acquired during your apprenticeship.

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