Bricklayer-Mason Examination

The examination is 3 hours long. It contains 51 questions and each question is worth 1 point. The required passing grade is 60%. The materials for your use during the examination are provided to you. They are: a pencil, a paper sheet, a calculator and an eraser. No other material or reference document is allowed during the examination.

Skill content on which questions may be based

Section 1 - Work organization and planning (20%)

  • Interpreting plans
  • Coordinating the work
  • Producing sketches
  • Checking the quantity and quality of materials
  • Planning for tools
  • Securing the premises
  • Erecting and disassembling scaffolds
  • Using mechanical and manual means of handling materials
  • Installing equipment.

Section 2 - Installing masonry units (50%)

Bricks, blocks, sawn asklers and other prefabricated masonry units:

  • Cleaning and preparing surfaces
  • Mixing mortar
  • Checking and laying flashing
  • Applying paper and insulation
  • Checking measurements
  • Planning the gauge and the bond
  • Mortar spreading technique
  • Laying corner units
  • Laying bricks, blocks, sawn stones, prefabricated units, glass blocks to the line
  • Fastening anchors
  • Installing reinforcements
  • Tooling, cleaning and levelling the joints
  • Installing expansion and caulking joints
  • Installing angle irons

Ashlar masonry:

  • Selecting cutting tools
  • Cutting stones
  • Laying mortar
  • Laying stones in corners and to the line
  • Wedging stones
  • Installing anchors and accessories
  • Finishing the joints

Section 3 - Repairs and specialized tasks of the trade (30%)

Masonry repairs:

  • Stopping work temporarily
  • Identifying the repair to be made
  • Emptying joints
  • Removing defective materials
  • Cleaning and moistening surfaces
  • Installing repair units
  • Washing installed units


  • Checking the base
  • Checking concrete fireplace and chimney units
  • Laying out the fireplace
  • Laying back-up bricks, refractory bricks and the caisson
  • Installing the damper
  • Building the smoke chamber
  • Erecting the chimney

Prefabricated concrete architectural elements:

  • Communicating with the crane operator through signals
  • Aligning and levelling units
  • Welding at the permanent anchors
  • Oxygen cutting temporary anchors
  • Jointing units
  • Building a masonry arch

Refractory masonry units:

  • Recognizing refractory working conditions
  • Securing the premises
  • Identifying the materials used for building a refractory construction
  • Identifying the techniques for installing refractory units

Samples of questions for provincial qualification examination

Suggested documentation

The suggested documents are an important tool to help you prepare for the examination. However, your best asset to write the exam successfully are the quality and diversity of the skills you have acquired during your apprenticeship.

  • L’abc – du briquetage dans le secteur résidentiel: prévenir les malfaçons pour obtenir un ouvrage de qualité. (Richard Bellerose, conception et rédaction; collaborations, Carl Veilleux et al.), Anjou, APCHQ, 2010, 124 p. (In french only)
    Tél.: 514 353-9960 ou 1 800 468-8160

  • CANADIAN MASONRY CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION (CMCA). Textbook of Canadian Masonry, Mississauga, Canadian Masonry Contractors Association, 2010, 357 p.
    Tél. : 905 564-6622
    Téléc. : 905 564-5744

    • Échafaudages, Sherbrooke, CEMEQ, 2010, 76 p. (In french only)
    • Initiation au soudage, Sherbrooke, CEMEQ, 2010, 102 p. (In french only)
    • Montage des coins, Sherbrooke, CEMEQ, 2010, 86 p. (In french only)
    • Mortiers, Sherbrooke, CEMEQ, 2010, 86 p. (In french only)
    • Ouvrages complexes, Sherbrooke, CEMEQ, 2010, 70 p. (In french only)
    • Ouvrages – éléments préfabriqués, Sherbrooke, CEMEQ, 2010, 116 p. (In french only)
    • Ouvrages simples, Sherbrooke, CEMEQ, 2010, 126 p. (In french only)
    • Plans et devis, Sherbrooke, CEMEQ, 2010, 258 p. (In french only)
    • Pose à la ligne, Sherbrooke, CEMEQ, 2010, 142 p. (In french only)

Tél.: 819 822-6886, poste 221
Téléc.: 819 822-6892

  • KICKLIGHTER, CLOIS E. Modern Masonry. Brick, Block, Stone. Goodheart Willcox Company, Illinois, 2003, 384 p.