How to prepare for the exam

You can consult the aspects of skills that may be the subject of questions in the exam and, if applicable, the documentary references to help you prepare. This information is accessible online, in the section Information sheets for the qualification examination.

Before your exam, avoid learning the material under pressure at the last minute. Steady preparation over a longer period makes it easier to memorize information. In addition, the quality of skills and diversity of experience acquired during your apprenticeship on site remain your best assets for passing the exam.


Here are some tips that may improve your chance of passing the exam:

  • You can consult sample questions similar to those that may be asked in some trades or specialties; these questions do not constitute a review but are a tool to help you familiarize yourself with the type of questions in a qualification examination.
  • In some trades or specialties, the exams require knowledge and use of a code (electricity and plumbing codes, for example) or installation standards manuals to execute certain tasks; if this is the case (see the information sheet for the exam), familiarize yourself with these documents before your exam.
  • If there are some bibliographic references on the information sheet for the exam, read the suggested books; these references may be a complement to the practical apprenticeship.
  • If you have earned a diploma of vocational studies (DEP) or taken other training programs or activities related to the trade or specialty, review the important elements in your manuals, workbooks, and notes.
  • The CCQ offers upgrading activities related to your trade or specialty; these activities allow you to review certain theoretical notions, review the skills of the trade, and thus prepare better for the exam.
  • Get a good night’s sleep before your exam; you’ll be more relaxed!