Retaking the Exam

Your exam result will be sent to you within two weeks following your session.

If you have failed, the conditions for registering to retake the exam will be given in your letter. This letter will give not only your overall result, but also the result for each section of the exam (number of correct answers/total number of questions). You can therefore prepare to retake the exam with an orientation toward the skill(s) that you didn’t do so well on.

Candidates who retake an exam following a failure receive a different version of the exam(s) that they took before. Out of concern for fairness for all candidates, the versions of the exam are of equivalent difficulty.

To help you to prepare to retake your exam, consult the information sheets and the sample questions, which are good tools. The sample questions, however, do not constitute a review but are a tool to familiarize you with the types of questions in a qualification examination.