Renewal of the occupation competency certificate

Once the 150-hour job guarantee has been fulfilled, the Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ) issues competency certificates valid for a 12-month period. Thereafter, the competency certificate may be renewed automatically or upon request.

Automatic renewal of the occupation competency certificate takes place if its holder has been working over the 14 months preceding the renewal date. If an occupation competency certificate was issued during a labour shortage after July 1, 2005, the holder must also demonstrate that he or she has passed the Cours de connaissance générale de l’industrie de la construction (CCGIC) to have the certificate renewed.

If an individual does not meet the above criteria, he or she may nevertheless have his or her occupation competency certificate renewed upon request. This person must:

  • Pay the $100 fee, if applicable (cheque, postal money order, credit card, debit card, or cash)
  • Be in one of the two following situations:
    • The CCQ’s records show that he or she has worked at last 10,000 hours (5,000 hours if it is a woman) in the construction industry in an occupation since January 1, 1971, including at least one hour during the 5 years preceding the application for renewal
    • An employer registered with the CCQ offers a job guarantee for this person of at least 150 hours over a period of at most 3 months and, if he or she joined the industry during a labour shortage, the application is made at most 8 months after the certificate expired.

If there were certain particular reasons for your inactivity, you may be able to renew your certificate free of charge.

Contact Customer Services to request your renewal.

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