Blaster Certification Examination

The blaster examination

The aim of the blaster examination is to verify your knowledge and experience relative to blasting or any other work necessitating the use of explosives.

The examination consists of multiple choice questions and may be taken in either English or French. The examination questions use both the imperial and international systems of measurement. The examination is 3 hours (180 minutes) long. It consists of 51 questions and each question counts as 1 mark. The required passing grade is 80%. The materials supplied for your use during the examination are: a calculator, pencil, eraser and examination book. No other material or reference document is allowed during the examination.

To clearly establish your identity, two official pieces of identification will be required when you present yourself at the examination: one with a photo, for example a driver’s licence, health insurance card, passport, etc. The examination will not be delayed under any circumstances.

The results

The results are sent within two weeks following the examination session. If you pass,the CCQ will issue your blaster’s certificate for the Commission des normes, de l'équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail (CNESST). Should you fail, you will be advised in writing of the conditions for retaking the examination and when you can re-register to do so.

Preparation for the examination

You must be very familiar with the “Handling and use of explosives” division IV of the Safety Code for the Construction Industry.

If you fail the exam

If you fail the exam on your first attempt, you must wait one month before taking it a second time. If you fail on your second attempt, you will have to wait three months before trying again.

Finally, if you still haven’t passed the exam after three attempts, if you are not a graduate of the vocational studies program in Forage-dynamitage (900 hours), you will have to earn this diploma before taking the exam again. If you have already graduated from the study program, you will have to take a training course of at least 30 hours to prepare you for the exam before taking it a fourth time. The content of this training course must have been previously authorized by the CCQ and the CNESST.

For more information on the resources and documents that we are suggesting as well as on the blaster examination, you can consult the Blaster Certification information sheet.