Certificat de qualification du MTESS (electrician, refrigeration system, plumbing, heating)

Candidates may obtain their journeyman competency certificate (JCC) if they hold a qualification certificate issued by the Ministère du Travail, de l'Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale (MTESS) for the following trades and specialties:

  • Electrician (electric installation)
  • Refrigeration system (refrigeration system with a capacity of 200 or more watts)
  • Plumbing (plumbing system)
  • Heating (heating system)

In addition to holding a qualification certificate, candidates must fulfil the following criteria:

  • Have completed a study program recognized by the CCQ in the trade covered in the application
  • Have accumulated a minimum of 8,000 hours of experience practising their trade or specialty, including apprenticeship hour credits

To obtain a JCC, candidates must supply the following documents:

If hours have been accumulated as an employee outside of construction

Applications by those who have worked outside of construction must include a letter from the employer (or employers) outside of construction for which they have worked. This letter must indicate:

  • The employer’s corporate name and the company’s address and telephone number
  • Employee’s name and social insurance number
  • The trade or specialty that the employee actually practised and, if applicable, the type of machinery used
  • A description of the sector in which the work was done. If the work was done in the residential sector, the type of housing must be specified
  • The employment periods and the total number of hours worked by the candidate for each year in the employ of this company
  • The signature of a company manager and his or her position

To validate each employer’s letter, the application must also include:

  • Copies of the pay stubs clearly identifying the company, the work period, and the number of hours worked (or copies of tax returns)

If hours have been accumulated outside of construction as an independent worker or a contractor

Applications by self-employed workers and contractors must include:

  • Tax returns establishing that there was income from an activity related to the trade for which recognition of hours is requested
  • Financial statements from the company that corroborate the income appearing on tax returns and, in some cases, make it possible to determine the percentage of participation in the company
  • Notices of assessment issued by the Ministère du Revenu du Québec (MRQ) or the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) confirming that each tax return has been received and processed
  • An invoice or a contract for each month covered by their tax return. These invoices or contracts must give the client’s name, the date, the nature of the work done, and the hourly rate invoiced.

How to submit your file to the CCQ

Candidates may take their file to the regional office in their region or send it to the following address:

Commission de la construction du Québec
Comité d'étude – Dossier MTESS

Case postale 2010
Succursale Youville
Montréal (Québec) H2P 0B3

A $100 fee is payable to the CCQ by postal or bank money order, personal cheque, credit card, or debit card, or in cash if the application is made at a CCQ Customer Services counter. It takes at least four weeks to analyze an application. Candidates will be informed of the CCQ’s decision by mail.