General Information

Member, retired

  • An employee becomes a retiree when he or she receives a pension (from the General Account and/or Complementary Account).
  • An employee who is not receiving a pension is a member.

Pension Statements

Each year, active members who have contributed to the pension plan in the two preceding years and all retirees receive a pension statement that provides information on the plan and their personal file. These statements are sent to the last known address. It is therefore important to inform the CCQ of any change of address by contacting the CCQ Customer Services.

Application for Pension or Benefit upon Termination of Plan Membership

Employees who wish to obtain a pension or a benefit upon Termination of Plan Membership must contact the CCQ Customer Services to apply for the benefit.

Note that benefits received from a pension plan like that of the construction industry pension plan may affect Employment Insurance benefits. Employees should contact Service Canada for more information.

Designation of beneficiaries

As a plan member or retiree, you can notify the CCQ of your pension beneficiary(ies) by filling out the Beneficiary Designation and Revocation (Pension Plan Only) form.

In addition, as an insured individual, you can notify the CCQ of your life insurance beneficiary(ies) by filling out the Beneficiary Designation and Revocation (Life Insurance Only) form.

Notice of Death

The CCQ Customer Services must be notified of the death of a member, a retiree, or a spouse in order to determine if a benefit is payable.
life insurance benefit may be payable if an insured person or a dependent dies.

Request for Review

A person who disagrees with a CCQ decision about a pension benefit may contest it by using the Request for Review (in French only) form.

MÉDIC Construction

The number of hours worked credited in the pension plan is used to determine an insured’s eligibility for certain types of coverage under the MÉDIC Construction insurance plan, such as disability coverage or post-retirement insurance.

Maximum pensionable earnings under the Act Respecting the Québec Pension Plan

In 2014, the maximum pensionable earnings (MPE) under the Act Respecting the Québec Pension Plan is $52,500; 20% of the MPE is thus $10,500. The MPE is normally indexed each year.

The 2002 Deficit

Amounts in the construction industry’s pension fund are invested in different types of vehicles (such as Canadian, American and foreign equities, bonds, real estate). The years2001 and 2002 were very difficult for financial markets, which affected the pension plan. By late 2002, the pension fund had a major deficit.

Given this situation, measures were taken to correct the plan’s financial situation.

One of the key modifications involved the structure of the pension plan. Since 2005:

Given these changes, the pension calculation is different for members who began contributing to the plan before 2005 and those who began contributing to the plan after 2004.

It is important to note that specific conditions, limitations, or exclusions may apply to the payment of certain benefits; only the Règlement sur les régimes complémentaires d’avantages sociaux dans l’industrie de la construction has legal standing. This regulation is amended regularly to comply with federal and provincial legislation. The provisions that apply are those in force at the time of each event.

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