Apprenticeship Completion Grant (ACG)

As a complement to the Apprenticeship Incentive Grant (AIS)Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) is also offering the Apprenticeship Completion Grant (ACG). This grant, instituted on July 2, 2009, is aimed at encouraging apprentices to complete their training and apprenticeship in a Red Seal designated trade.

The ACG enables employees to benefit from a taxable grant of $2,000. As it does for the AIS, the Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ) has the mandate essentially of supporting and facilitating ACG applications.


To be eligible, construction workers must:

  • Have been an apprentice in a Red Seal designated construction trade;
  • Have passed the provincial qualification examination ;
  • Have received their journeyman competency certificate (JCC);
  • Have completed their apprenticeship with hours worked in the construction industry falling under Act R-20 and declared in the monthly reports according to the following percentages:
    • 55% for trades with a single apprenticeship period;
    • 60% for trades with more than one apprenticeship period.

    New journeymen

    A letter of eligibility will automatically be sent to eligible workers when they receive their journeyman competency certificate (JCC). This letter must be included with the ACG application form.

    The ACG application form may be downloaded from the Service Canada Web site or ordered through the mail by calling 1 866 742-3644.