Visual glossary of carpentry-joinery terms

Among the many commitments listed in its Customer Service Declaration, the CCQ has engaged to offer adapted services to people living with a motor, visual, hearing, or intellectual disability.

It was with this in mind that the CCQ agreed to support the Comité d’intégration des Sourds à la construction (CISC) in the creation of a visual glossary of the main terms used in carpentry-joinery and their equivalent in Québec Sign Language.

Produced on a volunteer basis by the CISC, this glossary is intended as a tool for supporting integration of clients working in the construction industry who have a hearing impairment and for interpreters working with them.

Other services offered by the CCQ

Other services for people with a hearing impairment are also offered by the CCQ, notably for taking provincial qualification examinations and during upgrading activities. People who have an impairment may have access to an interpreter for hearing impaired, as applicable. In addition, if the person using it is eligible, the Fonds de formation reimburse the cost of the interpreter for hearing impaired present at an upgrading activities.