The closure of customer services counter in Baie-Comeau

April 7, 2016

The Commission de la construction du Québec is announcing that its Customer Services counter in Baie-Comeau, situated at 896 rue Leventoux, will close on July 22. This decision was ratified on April 6, by the CCQ’s board of directors.

Maintaining a regional presence
The CCQ will continue to offer high-quality services to its clientele in the Baie-Comeau area. It is important to recall that all services that are currently offered at the counters are also available by other means, including by telephone and online.

  • The site-inspection services will not be affected.
  • The closure of the office will have no impact on the worker-referral services. The CCQ maintains its participation in the Comité sur l’embauche de la main d’œuvre régionale sur la Côte-Nord.
    • In fact, the CCQ has deployed a number of means to encourage regional hiring in the Côte-Nord region; these measures are not dependent on Customer Services counters but are administered at the CCQ head office.

Furthermore, transition measures for the clientele in Baie-Comeau and the surrounding area will be implemented in order to ensure access to certain services, including the holding of vocational qualification exam sessions.

The details of the specific measures for preservation of a presence in Baie-Comeau will be announced in coming weeks.

A decision for sound management of the money entrusted to the CCQ.
This decision was made in the context of the budgetary choices that the organization must make because the slowdown in activity in the construction industry has led to a drop in its revenues.

Given the situation, the CCQ must make sure to judiciously manage the money that is entrusted to it by workers and employers.

The CCQ is concerned with ensuring that its clientele in Baie-Comeau and the surrounding area will continue to have access to high-quality services.

Comparable levels of service among the regions
Côte-Nord was the only region that had two counters, one in Baie-Comeau and one in Sept-Îles.

The CCQ recognizes that Côte-Nord is, geographically, a very large region. However, this is also true for other regions of Québec, which benefit from effective services from only one regional office.

To provide comparable services among the regions, it became appropriate for the CCQ to review its service offer in the Côte-Nord region.

A drop in customer traffic
An assessment has shown that the volume of requests by the clientele is lower for this office than for the other Customer Services counters elsewhere in Québec, and that demand has been dropping constantly since 2013.

Therefore, keeping it open would involve a high expense for the CCQ, and in the current economic and budgetary context this is difficult to justify.