An updated and extended sustainable development action plan

April 22, 2014


On the occasion of International Earth Day and the Journée de l’environnement dans l’administration publique, the CCQ is publishing the extension of its sustainable development action plan.

The CCQ took advantage of the report by the Stratégie gouvernementale de développement durable 2008-2013  covering government departments and agencies to update its sustainable development action plan.

Essentially, the CCQ’s 2009–11 sustainable development plan has been enhanced with an action, a target, and an indicator for each of the sustainable development actions originally identified. The objective is to maintain efforts with regard to governmental orientations and facilitate accountability.

An action related to the Agenda 21 de la culture du Québec has also been added. This obligation is aimed at developing an updated vision of culture – making it a major and essential component of society, integrated with the social, economic, and environmental dimensions of sustainable development.

A new sustainable development action plan will be published in 2015, when the new Stratégie gouvernementale de développement durable 2015-2020 makes its appearance. To read the extension of the sustainable development action plan, click here.