The Programme d’accès à l’égalité des femmes dans l’industrie renewed in 2014

March 10, 2014

On March 6, in honour of International Women’s Day, the Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ) published the Rapport de consultation – Collecte et analyse de points de vue, the report of a series of consultations collecting and analyzing points of view in preparation for renewing the Programme d’accès à l’égalité des femmes dans l’industrie de la construction (PAEF), the affirmative action program for women’s access to the construction industry.

In October 2012, the CCQ made an assessment of the first PAEF 1997–2012. It then undertook a vast series of consultations with industry partners and concerned stakeholders. In 2013, fifty organizations were consulted: partners in the construction industry’s labour market (union and employer associations), pubic bodies, research organizations, and groups involved in female labour force development. This report summarizes the areas of consensus and divergence, as well as the issues and the possible solutions for facilitating women’s integration into and job retention on construction sites. The industry will count on these consultations to build the next PAEF.

Broad areas of consensus were found during the consultations. Here are some examples:

  • All of the organizations agree with the assessment of the place of women on construction sites, although they do not agree on the causes for this assessment.
  • The overall objectives for the next PAEF were acknowledged:
    • Support the training, access, integration, maintenance, and advancement of women on the job in the construction industry
    • Increase the proportion and retention of the female workforce
    • Create a training and work environment that is inclusive, safe, and respectful of human rights
  • The new PAEF will have to be deployed in both the education and work environments. Everyone agrees that a series of measures and targets that will have a real impact on women’s careers must be identified. The organizations concur with information, awareness raising, and training measures as long as opinions are shared on the question of obligatory measures.

The CCQ is currently formulating the next PAEF for the industry, which will be adopted by the board of directors in spring of 2014. This PAEF, in conformity with the framework of the Affirmative Action Program, will be adapted to the specific aspects of the industry.

Shared responsibility
Public organizations, vocational training centres, and the employer and union associations are currently being asked to confirm their commitments in the context of the next PAEF. The CCQ will join them in committing to its responsibilities. The commitment of all partners will help to change the culture and behaviours on construction sites and thus offer job environments that are more inclusive, safe, and respectful of human rights. This way, women will realize their full potential and participate fully in Québec’s social and economic development.

To read the complete Rapport de consultation, click here.