Job-site stewards

Every union association has the right to be represented by a job-site steward if at least seven of its members are working on a single site. The job-site steward is elected by the members concerned through a secret ballot.

Once the job-site steward is elected, the union must inform the employer concerned or one of its representatives.

The duties of the job-site steward

The job-site steward may investigate disputes concerning application of the collective agreement and discuss them with the employer.

The job-site steward may perform his or her duties during work hours and without reduction in salary. The time allocated to union activities:

  • Must be subject to an agreement with the employer
  • Must take account of the number of employees represented
  • Must not exceed three hours per working day

If the steward is absent from his or her position for a period that is longer than agreed, he or she must justify this extended time to his or her employer.

The job-site steward’s declaration

Once elected, the steward must fill out and give to his or her union a formal declaration indicating that he or she is not in contravention of section 26 of Act R-20. This section stipulates that anyone found guilty of certain crimes may not hold the position of job-site steward or be elected or appointed as a job-site steward, and this disqualification will subsist for five years after the term of imprisonment or the sentencing to pay a fine, unless a pardon is obtained.

You can obtain the Déclaration du délégué de chantier form:

  • Online
  • By going to one of our regional offices
  • By contacting the Directorate of Application of Collective Agreements at the Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ), at 514 341-7740, ext. 3488.

The CCQ has the mandate to validate the job-site steward’s formal declaration against a public registry on criminal records.

Conditions for employment priority

The job-site steward has employment priority on his or her site if the following two conditions are met:

  • At least seven employees who are members of his or her union are employed by the employer on the site in question
  • There is enough work to execute for his or her trade, job, specialty, or occupation.

The employer may terminate the job-site steward if he or she does not meet one of these two conditions. The employer must, however, give three working days’ notice to the job-site steward and his or her union if a layoff lasts more than five days.

Absence for the purpose of training

The steward may be absent to take a training course related to his or her duties. This absence, however, is unpaid, and its duration must be negotiated with the employer.

Before leaving for a training course, the steward must obtain permission from his or her employer, which must have reasonable grounds to refuse this absence.

How many stewards can there be on a single site?

A union association may be represented by a steward on a site if there at least seven employees who are members of that union and working for a single employer. When there are 50 additional employees, a second job-site steward may be elected. After that, other job-site stewards may be elected for each additional group of 50 employees.

For more information, please contact the Directorate of Application of Collective Agreements at 514 341-7740, ext. 3488.