More and more women are turning to the construction industry to fulfil their passion and build their career. For decades, some women have been pioneers, taking their place in a traditionally male environment. However, women are still underrepresented in the construction industry.

In 2015, the industry and its partners have mobilized to encourage gender diversity on construction sites. With the adoption of the Programme d’accès à l’égalité des femmes (PAEF, program for equal access for women) and the Plan d’action 2015-2018, 40 new measures will support women in their careers and create training and working environments that are favourable and welcoming.

Acting to create gender diversity on construction sites will help to transform the image of the industry and make it more welcoming for all – both women and men.

A number of measures are in force today to encourage women to join the industry. We also recommend resources for networking and mentoring and for cases of intimidation and harassment.

The CCQ also offers the Service d’accompagnement pour l’intégration des femmes dans l’industrie de la construction (Guidance service for integration of women into the construction industry).

The Programme d'accès à l'égalité des femmes dans l'industrie de la construction (PAEF) 2015-2024 is the result of a broad-based consultation that made it possible to target obstacles to the presence of women in the industry and determine concrete actions to support women’s careers and create environments that are favourable, inclusive, and respectful of human rights. Studies, statistical portraits, the PAEF annual assessment, and various resources concerning the integration of women into the industry provide a reliable overview of their situation.

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