Cement Finisher Examination

The examination is 3 hours long. It contains 51 questions and each question is worth 1 point. The required passing grade is 60%. The materials for your use during the examination are provided to you. They are: a pencil, a paper sheet, a calculator and an eraser. No other material or reference document is allowed during the examination.

Skill Content on Which Questions May Be Based

Section 1 - Planning the Work (15%)

  • Use of Tools and Equipment
    • Manual, mechanical and electrical tools
    • Measurement equipment
    • Motorized equipment
  • Work Organization  
    • Calculating the quantity of materials
    • Conditions of the construction site
    • Layout of materials and equipment

Section 2 - Placing Concrete (20%)

  • Applying Concrete
    • Elements of concrete
    • Transportation of concrete
    • Planning the construction site
    • Consolidation
  • Leveling Concrete
    • Landmarks
    • Concrete leveling 
    • Leveling and flatness tolerances 

Section 3 - Finishing, Curing and Protecting Concrete (30%)

  • Finishing Concrete
    • Floating of concrete
    • Fresh concrete floor treatement 
    • Shaping of fresh concrete
    • Tooling of concrete
    • Control joints
    • Bindings
  • Curing Concrete
    • By humidification
    • With chemical products
  • Protecting Concrete
    • Physical protections against the effects of weather 
    • Use of equipment

Section 4 - Placing Concrete on Existing Surface Area (20%)

  • Repairing Concrete
    • Identification of damage and its causes
    • Preparation of surfaces
    • Product application methods 
    • Application on vertical and horizontal surfaces 
  • Modifying Concrete
    • Preparing the surface
    • Applying repair products
    • Applying stain
  • Installing Concrete in Various Surfaces 
    • Preparation of support flagstones
    • Preparation of concrete floors
    • Applying binding materials
    • Decorating the concrete

Section 5 - Installing Waterproofing Membranes and Others Specialized Coatings (15%)

  • Preparing the Placement of Membranes and Other Specialized Coatings
    • Verifying level and flatness
    • Applying a primer coat
    • Placement of membrane layers
    • Cleaning

Samples questions for the provincial qualification examination

Suggested documentation

The suggested documents are an important tool to help you prepare for the examination. However, your best asset to write the exam successfully are the quality and diversity of the skills you have acquired during your apprenticeship.

  • KOSMATKA, STEVEN et al., Dosage et contrôle des mélanges de béton. Association canadienne du ciment, Bulletin d’ingénierie EB101, septième édition canadienne, 2004, 355 pages.

  • TARR, SCOTT M. and FARNY, JAMES A., Concrete Floors on Ground. Portland Cement Association, Fourth Edition, 2008, 237 pages.