Advice for the exam

Stress may take hold when you receive your exam. Stay calm and follow this advice:

  • Listen to all the instructions regarding the exam before you start.
  • We recommend that when you start your exam, you look at how many questions are in your exam booklet and estimate the time you will have to answer each question. For example, to answer 50 questions in three hours (180 minutes), there is an average response time of almost four minutes for each question.
  • Concentrate on one question at a time.
  • First, try to figure out the answer to the question without looking at the choice of answers, then check whether it is there; if no answer comes to mind for a question, look at the choices offered and find the correct answer by a process of elimination.
  • If you have the right to consult a code or set of standards, your skill at consulting this document will help you find the answer to certain exam questions quickly.
  • Avoid losing time on a question that you find difficult or don’t know the answer to; it is better to go on to the next question and return to the difficult one before the session ends; otherwise, you may lack time to answer questions that you find easier.
  • If you skip a question, make sure that you fill in the appropriate space on the line corresponding to the question that you are answering. Answering on the wrong line may be costly, especially if you don’t notice. If you do notice and have to correct your mistakes, you will lose time.
  • Do not leave any question unanswered.

Fraud alert

Any fraud attempt or infraction, in any form whatsoever, and any behaviour that impedes the exam session may lead to cancellation of the candidate’s exam and automatic failure. It is also forbidden to take notes or leave with the exam booklets, which are the property of the Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ).